Saturday, 28 June 2008

Velocettes at the 2003 National Historic Road Racing Championship

This You Tube video shows some of the action on the dummy grid and in the Saturday afternoon race that was Round 1 of the Australian National Historic Road Racing Championship for Period 2 - pre 1946 machines (all capacity Classes raced together hence the 1000cc Series A Vincent on the front row). This was held at Wanneroo Raceway, Perth Western Australia on 18 November 2003.

There are 3 MAC Velos - Ken Vincent on 31, Peter Dunster on 102 and Li'l Speedy No.74. Peter won the 350 Class on 50 points with Li'l Speedy 2nd on 40 point - but only by 0.02 seconds. Had the finish line been another 50 metres down the track in the Round 2 race it would have been a drawn title! The other Velo is the MSS of South Australian Les Bell (124). The little 4 valver with exposed valves hammering away on the dummmy grid is Paul Dunster's Rudge. The Rudge (83) has a David and Goliath battle with one of the unlimited class Harleys during the race.

Original unedited footage by the crew from Access31 community TV here in Perth.

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Guy said...


Love the film and especially the Rudge valve gear (sorry). I know the Velo is quicker but I guess I am biased. Mal and I will have to do something about the shed full of Enfields which show promise. Time is the problem. Life seems to have us by the throat at present and I am finding it difficult to get anything done at all, let alone build a bike. Keep up the good work.